Snow is not trying to kill me!

It was my birthday last weekend and I had a great time catching up with old and new friends. I spent the middle of the day prepping food for the barbecue but I like being in the kitchen so I didn’t mind it. My burgers went down a treat so that was a confidence boost. When most people had left I got to open my cards and gifts – sweets and alcohol seemed to be the order of the day. My big present from Laurence was a skiing lesson.


NAIDEX – hmmm…

Every blog I have read about NAIDEX absolutely raves about how fantastic it was but, since it’s my thing, I am going to have a moan about the negatives. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day and I’m glad I went. I’ll probably go next year but I’m going to make it known that my experience was far from perfect.

I like kicking buckets

Everyone seems to have a bucket list these days. I think the film of several years ago popularised the idea and made it less of a taboo subject but, since I learnt to read, I was seeing lists of things everyone should do before they are 40, books to read and things people wanted to do before they got old. I never really thought about it until my diagnosis at 21 and I realised I only had a limited amount of time to squeeze in all the things I thought I’d have my whole life to do.

You gotta laugh though

The big day has come and gone. I had a mini honeymoon. Now I’m a married woman and totally not grown up enough for it. My husband (scary word) and I started planning right after our engagement 3 years ago but things really stepped up 6 months before the big day luntil we were tearing our hair out a week before. It didn’t help that everything else in our lives chose that week to go wrong too!

Because I can

I look around at the world and I see so many places that are inaccessible to me – and not just tiny, independent places either. I could make a point of saying how bad the situation is but I’ve been shot down and treated like scum so many times for wanting to go to the same places as my friends that I think ‘why bother’ and just pass by.

The gym thing

It was surprising how easy it was to get back into the flow of exercising. It was as though my muscles remembered exactly what to do and like my body was just easing back into an old, well rehearsed routine. I guess it kind of is since I used to be a bit of a gym bunny back in the day.