There are whisperings that pubs and hairdressers could open next month.  Sensibly, this can only happen, we are told, if social distancing can be maintained or protective screens put in place.  Sadly, this is going to exclude a huge portion of our population.

Masochistic streak

The problem with me is that I finally finish one project and sit back and think about how I’ve got time to focus properly on other commitments or to recover some energy  The I get bored or something just pops up and I go ‘Ooh, that looks exciting’


This is my first blog post since lockdown measures were introduced.  Surprisingly, I’ve not been going too crazy – not that you’d be able to tell, I know.  I’ve been keeping busy and been kind of productive.  This situation is all about mindset.

Wendy’s war

I managed to put into words my life with AOA2 to a friend last week – it’s waking up every day knowing you will spend it fighting your own body and that it just won’t do what you tell it to.  It’s an incredibly hard thing to have to remember before you’ve even had your morning wee –

Maybe maybe maybe

A lot of people think they know what my ambition should be.  They’ll dress it up in different phrasing but, at the root of it, they want me to get ‘fixed’.  Like I’m somehow broken and my sole aim in life should be to become unbroken.  My life is more than AOA2 and I actually have interests beyond genetics and wheelchairs.

Not again

Over the last 15 years or so I have developed a few tips and tricks that help me cope with this time of year and, because I’m a wonderful person, I’m going to share them with you.  Okay, so this is a little late to help this year but bookmark me for next year.


So maybe non-wheelies don’t get that wheeled life isn’t all doom and gloom and we’re gonna take the odd few seconds of fun where we can. Perhaps they think, as disables are the dregs of society and nature’s failed experiments, it is our duty to be responsible and considerate and selfless

Q and A

If somebody asks if you want this or that you’re meant to be very grateful and accept even if you couldn’t want the damn thing less if you tried. If you get asked to move away from the bakery counter you should do it with immediacy, humility and be ever apologetic for wanting a sausage roll in the first place.