The gym thing

It was surprising how easy it was to get back into the flow of exercising. It was as though my muscles remembered exactly what to do and like my body was just easing back into an old, well rehearsed routine. I guess it kind of is since I used to be a bit of a gym bunny back in the day.


I wanna treat

Last weekend was so bad that I covered my face in emollient cream until I was practically dripping white stuff and would’ve scared children and pets – not that I can always tell the difference.

My body is a bouncy castle

Yesterday, a trip to the nurse revealed that I am about one chocolate bar away from the overweight category for my teeny tiny height. Given that I was barely in the healthy range 4 and a half years ago and now I’m practically beyond healthy (an awesome superpower IMHO) it’s probably not as dramatic as it sounds.

I said encouraging words

The last few weeks have been the strangest things. I admit, most weeks are strange around here but the first fortnight of December is always a bit more so. It starts off by being too early to legitimately get excited about Christmas but you have to watch the odd film and put the tree up ‘cos them’s the rules.

Ho Ho No

I can get excited about Christmas between the 23rd and – depending how long the hangover lasts – the 26th or 27th December. After that, it’s time for a few days off before New Year and then it’s over. I don’t get restaurants encouraging us to book our Christmas meals in September or shops putting out their first bits of stock as soon as barbecue season is over. Not everybody wants to watch The Santa Clause or listen to Let it Snow on repeat for six weeks.