Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime

Britain gets furious and then just gets on with it. Much like me in that respect. I get angry and stamp my tiny size 3s if I feel people have treated me unfairly just because of my disability and I use this platform to share my feelings with the world – whether you want me to or not. There isn’t much for me to be thrilled about but one thing for me to look forward to is my upcoming wedding next year. Now, don’t get me wrong, the whole thing has already caused more tears and tantrums than it needed to.

Where’s the fire?

Not many people read or were that interested in my last blog post and I don’t blame you – i probably wouldn’t have wanted to read a long political rant either. It’s just difficult not to get involved when social care is such a huge issue for me. Recently, though, has been the bomb attack in Manchester which is only one of a constant stream of terrorist events all f the world. How would a disabled person get through a similar event? How are we expected to behave in emergencies?

You got my vote

Everybody knows, I’m sure, that there is going to be a general election in a little over two weeks. Now I don’t know what possessed Theresa May to call a snap election so soon after getting her grubby mits on power but it is the only decent thing she’s done in decades.

What about your legs? They’re defective

My old secondary school is closing down – and rightly so, in my opinion – which has meant I’ve been thinking back over the years I spent there. It’s easy to remember fun with friends, teachers who shouted too much, breaking a guys’ nose on the hockey field. But memories and nostalgia don’t get you anywhere. So I thought back to a biology lesson where we were discussing genetic testing and the consequences.

I have at least two friends

Growing up through my teenage years was a hard time for me but I guess that’s not a shock. Those are the years when people discover what their future careers might involve, who their friends are, toy with romance and relationships, decide what kind of person they are. If you went through that and ame out the other side then I tip my hat to you (I’m not wearing a hat – I’ll wave a sock). It’s true, I survived my adolescence as well but everything I thought I knew about myself changed every time my health did.

Hate filled witch

I’ve spent nearly a fortnight trying to write a deep, thought-provoking post but each time it’s ended in disaster. We’re talking tears, tantrums and threats of violence. You know, the usual. There’s none of this positivity nonsense left that people claim I possess. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever really been positive – just quite good at convincing other people things are better than they are. What else is there to do? Nobody wants to hear the truth because it’s complicated and honestly, I don’t want to list all my problems to every random stranger who asks how things are going.