You got my vote

Everybody knows, I’m sure, that there is going to be a general election in a little over two weeks.  Now I don’t know what possessed Theresa May to call a snap election so soon after getting her grubby mits on power but it is the only decent thing she’s done in decades.

Mrs May – or The Dishonourable Evil Fitch as I like to call her – must know she cannot win.  Perhaps she thinks her stance on Brexit will impress the public enough that we ignore the hopes to bring back fox hunting in all its gruesome glory, or their plans to raise tuition fees yet again to £15000 per year and tighten access to student loans.  Maybe she had bought into the media hatred of Jeremy Corbyn and believes the public has fallen so out of love with him that voting for her seems like the only alternative – the amount of her self serving tripe pushed through my letterbox would indicate so.  It also shows how desperate she knows the situation is.

Applications to join the Labour party increased more than double just so people could vote Corbyn in as leader.  In the days before the voter registration deadline, over 250,000 people aged between 18 and 25 joined the electoral roll.  I’m not going to pretend the Labour plan to scrap tuition fees for new students had nothing to do with this but overall registration has gone up and I hope it is because Labour have a fantastic social care policy enabling people to retain some dignity and financial freedom whilst the Tories have promised a Death Tax that they refuse to reconsider.  Explanations of their opposing views are all over the internet so I’ll just get on my soapbox with no further ado.

I hope that anyone reading this cares just a little bit about disabled people and the issues we face in daily life.  Whichever way the election goes, this is only going to get worse due to the damage the government has done since Cameron.  The pressure of an increasingly frail and needy society will only grow but a Labour government might mean those in need get to stay in the homes they have slogged away to pay for, or that they get to leave an inheritance because they haven’t had to spend it all on care they NEED, or that somebody with a degenerative condition will be able to keep disability benefits without constant re-assessment.  That’s in the vain hope that disability benefits even exist under another Tory government that believes you deserve to be treated like scum if you weren’t born with a silver spoon up your backside.  Do we really want to encourage this stupidity?  Suicides will go up among elderly and disabled people will rise further under Tory proposals, as will deaths related to neglect and people too scared to access the care Labour believes they have a right to for fear of losing everything.  I don’t want to live in a society where people with additional needs are simple cash cows for a corrupt government.  You probably don’t want that either.  Maybe you are one of those numpties who says ‘none of this disabled, care-needing culture affects me.  I’ll waste my vote on perpetuating this suffering.’  I hope everyone is better than that and cares about their fellow humans.

After all this, it’s pretty obvious who is getting my vote – postal naturally.  Labour is definitely the way to go if we want to start looking after the many, not the super rich 1%.  Under Jeremy Corbyn, the party has returned to the fair and socialist movement it once was and not continued with the New Labour nonsense which, IMHO, was a fancified Tory party with another name.

*Reverses carefully down ramp behind soapbox.*

With Labour cutting the Conservative lead in the polls things are finally going the way I think we need to.  For all my bluster, i don’t mind if you have other views and you vote for anyone else.  I care that you read and research and form your own opinions without getting sucked in by the rhetoric and smear campaigns some people run to make themselves look good.  Even if you don’t or can’t vote, please understand that this election will affect the futures of a huge number of people.

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