Personnel hell

In my first post I said that I was in the middle of a stressful recruitment.   The news is that there’s no news.  No change.  To be truthful, this is far from the worst experience I’ve had whilst trying to find somebody, anybody, to take on the job of my helper.  I think it just seems harder this time because I’m just sitting here writing these posts and waiting for my email to ping with another applicant who won’t bother turning up or even letting me know.  If I had known about this a fortnight ago when I invited them to interview, I could have re-advertised then and not had to wait until now.

In the past when I’ve lost another assistant, I contacted a company who always promised to help by putting me on a waiting list for 2 or 3 months.  Then they drew up an advert, usually of what they thought was appropriate so you had to go through every word to make sure it was right.  People would apply and the form this company had was awful, and the handful of adequate ones would be invited to interview, which they may or may not turn up to.  But you always had a reasonable idea of whether to re-advertise immediately or not.  If far from ideal, having a company handle the admin side helped a lot.  The ratio was about 20:6:1 – for every 20 applicants, 6 might be worth meeting with and one who you could at least tolerate for a while.  No-one has been ideal right from the start – as this job is so individual to my needs – but a few end up just being friends who help me out.

That’s what I need.  Not a carer – I hate that word so much.  I’m not an invalid or an infant – I don’t need looking after or taking care of.  Nor do I want the woman who comes in a few days a week to shove me in the shower, do a bit of housework and then have a cuppa and a chat.  It seems to be hard for a lot of people to understand that I want to lead a life as if I was walking and that I just need somebody with me for most of it.  The fact that I don’t only need care between 9 and 5 confuses people too.  You see, between 5PM and 9AM when everyone else leads their lives, I cease to exist.  No care whilst I’m being a non-person thank you.

I’ve been trying to recruit by myself recently but I am being bombarded by potential applicants who you never hear from again.  I always got so angry as a hopeful employee when companies never responded to my applications so I make a point of never leaving people                hanging but now I’m leading the recruitment process and people are still doing it to me!   AAARGH!  So, I created yet another account on yet another recruitment site, made the advert as attractive as possible (I’m a lovely boss, really) and now we shall see.  Not entirely hopeful but you never know: miracles could happen.

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