First blog post

For my very first blog post I thought I’d introduce you to my life as it is right now.  In a word… complicated.

I’m unemployed.  I’m going through a horrible recruitmment process for a new personal assistant.  I’m waiting for an assessment to see if my disability benefits will continue.  These things control my life, provide me with independence, an escape from the daily humdrum, ensure I can get the help I need to look after myself and my home.  Sleep is hard to come by because of the worry but the motivation to stay awake with no real reason to is equally as elusive.  There are plenty of things to be happy about too.  I live in a lovely adapted bungalow with my fiance and we’re getting married soon.  My family love me… I think.  Every now and then, we manage a nice trip out – tomorrow, I am meeting my sister for an Italian meal to celebrate her birthday.  And these moments are special to me beccause I can see my family when I like, on my own terms, after years of living in their house.  Too much togetherness is a real thing.

I have a trunk support on my wheelchair to ease pressure on my spine.  I have asked a few times for a replacement but am being constantly fobbed off so I’m preparing an angry email.  People think  we can just get by with broken mobility equipment but you only get one wheelchair; it’s not like going to the shops to buy a new pair of trainers beccause you’ve outgrown your old ones.  These things take months to get hold of and they need to be right.

Okay, this is a first post, an introduction to my life, not a rant.

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